The Key to Improving How You Feel

Do you know that you have a great deal of control when it comes to managing your energy?

It all comes down to being in tune with the natural impulse with which we’re all wired, the ability to detect when we’re off balance and recalibrate.

So, where are you struggling to feel good, to show up energized in your life right now?

It’s amazing how much of a charged life we can lead when we become intentional about the energy we bring into any given situation.

Just take a moment to think about the energy you want to bring in your life for the next 90 days.

When doing so, consider three primary facets of energy —  mental, emotional, and physical — keeping in mind that to sustain a high performing life, our mental alertness and positive emotions (mind) and physical (body) must equally be nurtured.

The energy we generate and how we manage it, hands down, is one of the most important principles for living with joy, confidence, and fulfillment.

It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built. As such, it’s essential to amplify positive emotions, sustain mental clarity, and increase physical vitality.

However, when life gets busy, the last thing we think about is managing our energy.

As if we can run on empty, we tend to compromise first getting sufficient sleep, good diet, exercise, and rest. 

It’s when it’s most necessary that we throw out the window that which we need to support us in meeting the demands.

As my mentor says, “common sense is not always common practice.”

So, here is a simple framework that can help in always keeping you focused on staying on top of your energy so that you’re showing up strong.

Complete the sentences to see how you’re currently managing your mind and body then identify and set goals for the areas that can benefit from improvement.


  • The goals I have about mastering my mind—how I want to think, deal with stress, and create a good mindset include…
  • The daily and weekly habits and practices I need to start so that I can feel more energized by this area of my life include…


  • The goals I have about mastering my body—how I want to feel physically, how I want to move, be healthy, etc include…
  • The daily and weekly habits and practices I need to start so that I can feel more energized by this area of my life include…

The beauty of it all is that this puts you in control of feeling good about yourself, your relationships, and your work no matter what’s going on…and that’s the jumping off point to chasing your dreams with a full tank.

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