Erina’s coaching changed my life! Although I had already considered myself a high performer, I knew I was not leading a balanced life in several key areas, including family relationships. Erina uncovered those areas, and through her special coaching technique, I set a path to address them.

Erina was with me every step of my journey.  Thank you, Erina, for your patience, guidance, and, most of all, for your ability to ask the right questions so that I can be a high performer in all areas of my life! -Rita, PMP + Coach, USA

I would highly recommend Erina to anyone looking to become a high performer. Going through the High Performance Coaching sessions has been a very rewarding experience. With every session Erina helps me identify behaviors that are holding me back and by the end of the session she’s taught me a new tool to correct the behavior. She’s always prepared and her insight, focus, and professionalism results in productive and meaningful meetings. Thanks to Erina and High Performance Coaching I now have more energy, focus, and purpose to accomplish my goals. -Barry, Engineer, USA

I would highly recommend Erina as a Certified High Performance Coach for all (high) performers out there who want to level up and get more out of their life. The thing that I love from Erina as my coach is that she holds a mirror in front of me. Not a regular coaching mirror but one that is based on clear analysis, sharp questioning and compassion. Erina has the gift and skills to be analytical, interpersonally strong, and in the meantime be emphatic as well. Her international corporate career background helps in understanding and relating to my background, giving her the ability to challenge my still existing behavior and patterns from my previous corporate career. This has been very valuable as some of those patterns and behavior are not helping me as entrepreneur. -Mike, Entrepreneur + Coach, Netherlands

I would recommend Erina to anyone who is going through a difficult moment in life, personally or professionally, and needs to become a “High Performer” in order to gain strength, clarity and determination when it comes to focus and making decisions in their lives. Knowing Erina and going through all this “High Performance Coaching” process with her has made me feel confident about the future and now I have all the tools she showed me, which are so useful on a daily basis. With her sessions, which Erina prepares in detail, we dealt with key topics (clarity, focus, productivity, level of energy, courage, influence…) which are now essential to me, and I can say I have reached a deep knowledge of myself so that I can face any challenge and discover the real purpose of my life in the end. -Miguel, Lawyer + Entrepreneur, Spain