About Erina


I learned firsthand about the fragility of life some years back when I nearly lost mine while on holiday—a blissful couple weeks full of laughter, new things, and a welcomed getaway from a work-life routine that was anything but balanced. In an unfortunate turn of events, however, on a return from a day trip our van was involved in an accident that took four lives of our group of six. It shook me to the core and permanently changed who I was.

What followed was a period of deep sorrow and confusion. In due course and with much hard work, I thankfully found the silver lining in that cloud. Gratitude and acknowledgement for my miraculous survival and recovery slowly emerged, resulting in a dramatic shift in my perspective. The experience not only made me question my life’s purpose but it also cemented a resolve to really make count the gift of my second chance. The details on how I would make that happen were still far from clear…

For years before that event, I struggled to get clarity on what I truly wanted. After graduating from university in my hometown of Miami, I worked for many years, first as software engineer and project manager in product engineering then moved on to information technology consulting which afforded me the opportunity to work internationally in London, England. Those years of professional experience certainly were formative and fantastic. However, there was a persistent restlessness that let me know there was more I am destined to do. It urged me to keep looking.

I looked to various places in the hopes of glimpsing clarity. I got deeper into my yoga practice and even received my yoga teacher certification for further introspection. I read plenty of self-development books, but my vision for the next step remained hazy. Dissatisfied with this outcome, I completely took myself out of my comfort zone by taking a sabbatical to travel around the world, immersing myself in previously unfamiliar cultures. The time on the road was a major turning point—the adage “sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself” proved to be true.

Taking the role of observer of life rather than its analyst—a role I had assumed early on in an attempt to make sense of the world around me—revealed to me the missing link. I understood that while I had the desire and commitment to make a difference, perhaps what I lacked was the guidance on how to get there.

I returned from my travels transformed by my experience, optimistic about the future, and ready to jump back in the game with my newfound awareness. I soon started looking for ways that could help point me in the right direction toward my destiny.

It turned out that High Performance Coaching was the key that unlocked the door to possibilities.

Session after session, my coaches challenged me—they encouraged me to closely examine the stories that played on repeat in my mind, to identify those that served and those that sabotaged. They provided me with tools that enabled me to develop habits around gaining better focus and more courage which support my mission and help advance what is important.

It was not long before the pieces came together. I discovered that my life’s purpose is to be fully present and in service such that I am a catalyst for people reaching their full potential.

The knowledge for living purposefully is not something we are born with but one that can be developed. Let us make our time on Earth count!