Do This ONE Thing That’ll Get Everything Else Working

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin.


Who are the people you admire, those who go after their dreams, are ambitious, and make things happen?

What do you think is the real secret to their success?

For most, it’s their consistency in working on themselves which then results in them having amazingly supportive relationships with themselves.

So, when we’re struggling to achieve the successes we want in our lives, that’s a telltale sign that we still have some inner work to do.

It’s the work that we do when no one is watching that ultimately makes the difference. That’s what gives the confidence, the finesse, the competence to shine when it’s go-time.

So, if the SELF work is really what makes everything else work, e.g., in our careers, businesses, relationships, then you might be wondering what that exactly looks like.

A good place to start is by asking yourself “what do I do for personal development … what is my regimen to get my mindset right?”. For example:

Do you get coaching?


Read biographies of great leaders who might be long gone but inspire you?

Do you know the people who can radically change your life but whom you’ve never met, e.g., people whose books you can read, whose podcasts you can listen to, whose online courses you can take, or whose seminars you can attend?

Get this going and you’ll be on your way to becoming limitless.

Full disclosure, it’s a marathon but you’ll be well on your way. You’ll be met with a handful of internal challenges that you’ll have to overcome as you progress…and this is okay!

Whether you’re already on the journey or just getting started, here are a couple ideas to help you regularly check in with yourself that’ll help you along on the path.

Deepening the most important relationship (the one you have with yourself) to ensure consistent growth and reaching your full potential

  1. Be disturbed by staying in your comfort zone. Not much that’s exciting is happening in the world of the predictable. So, ask yourself “why am I still in this familiar place?” then challenge yourself to try new things and cultivate your courage.
  2. Welcome failing forward. Be willing to learn from your “failures”. Just the knowledge that it didn’t kill you is enough evidence to demonstrate that it’s only a matter of time until you achieve what you’re going after. Let that warrior spirit be part of your identity.

By learning more about yourself and nurturing a healthy relationship with yourself, you become empowered to make self affirming choices. And, when you move through life from that space, everything else starts to fall into place in wonderful ways.

P.s., You’ve got this!

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