How to Be More Effective and Productive Everyday

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Would you say that you’re happy with your level of focus and productivity? 

While I appreciate we’re in the thick of a global pandemic, the reality is that no one knows how long this will last. But, it’s safe to say that this is not the Apocalypse and we will eventually carry on with life, perhaps as we knew it or perhaps differently. In any case, it’ll go on. Thus, this post is written in the spirit of looking forward toward that resumption.

Picture the pulmonologist right now. She’s in the middle of the chaos, flooded with information about a deadly disease damaging the lungs. And, making matters worse, the daily new findings she’d spent hours pouring over get scrapped for other ones the next day. She’s back to step one. Surely she’s overwhelmed not only by the speed of information coming at her but also by the emotional drain caused by witnessing the suffering of others. Not a good place to be. Right?

Then there are some of us who are fortunate enough to ride this thing out from the comfort of our homes. I get that we’re worried about the unknown, missing our routines, and eagerly awaiting some semblance of normalcy. But, this is also our big chance to develop ourselves, to use this time productively.

How you measure productivity is entirely up to you. But, what my challenge for you as your High Performance Coach is for you to be the person who found the opportunity in this tragedy. Skill up, rest, reset, and be ready to hit the ground running when the world is back to business.

Practice the following High Performance Habits to keep yourself motivated:

  • Self care should be prioritized. Get the right amount of sleep, eat well, exercise, and meditate.
  • Choose positivity. Be aware of what’s going on in the world but limit how much time you spend on your intake of that. Instead, listen more to inspirational messages — podcasts, books, leaders.
  • Want more for yourself, your family, and community and take actions toward making that happen. Ambition plus Action are scientifically backed triggers for increased motivation. 

For a one-two punch, couple the above with this High Performance framework that I guide my Coaching clients through. Complete the sentences to get into a more productive mindset. Then, act on it.

Excellence Minded:

  • If I could become more excellent at certain skills or areas in my life, and it would help me advance more quickly, those skills or focal points would be….
  • The things that really work for me in staying productive are…
  • The things that prevent me from being productive that I need to better deal with include…

Remember, we’re adaptive and resilient beings. It’s in our nature to recalibrate and look for ways to successfully move forward. Six months from now, where will you be?

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How To Gain Confidence and Momentum



What does living courageously look like for you?

Most times we think an act has to be herculean for it to be deemed courageous. Actually, something seemingly simple like asking for help is quite courageous, especially in a society that celebrates ultra independence.

Courage in High Performance is the glue that binds the other principles, such as Clarity, Productivity, etc, i.e., the more courage the more clarity, the higher the productivity and so forth.

Courage also is a major catalyst for increasing confidence as the more we step out and succeed (or find that stepping out didn’t kill us) the more we gain confidence, thereby creating a strong connection between Courage and Confidence.

So, back to what courage means to you… I’m willing to bet that right now you’re showing up more courageously than you think. The current crisis our world is undergoing is challenging us to adapt and create new norms. If you’re speaking up for yourself, sharing more, and expressing your real self in this atmosphere then you’ve truly uncovered a new level of courage.

The reality is that when it comes to Courage, most times it’s our mind playing tricks on us. With this awareness, we can look at things for what they are, welcome the discomfort, and still make moves — take action, no matter how small. Just think about the things you’d feared in the past but did anyway that turned out better than you’d expected.

Here is a High Performance framework I guide my Coaching clients through that I recommend you put to practice. Complete the sentences to see where you need to apply more Courage in your life.

Sharing Your Truth:

  • The person(s) I need to be more direct and honest with about my true thoughts, feelings, ideas, and dreams include…
  • It would take a lot of courage for me to tell them that…

Take More Action:

  • If I did the following things more frequently, that would help me gain the skills and confidence I need to achieve my bigger dreams…

If you have big dreams, know that you can do it! One step at a time.

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